About Our Work

Web Image of And the Livin' is Easy
Our work is experimental and created in a digital environment.  Modeled after concepts used in the creation and synthesis of sounds for electronic music composition, our techniques are unique, innovative, and complex.  Although we employ standard digital photographic tools, our art fundamentally re-conceptualizes how these tools are applied to image creation and abandons traditional photographic process in favor of source, synthesis, and composition.

Intuitive yet highly technical, the process we developed over the past 15 years yields extremely intricate textures, colors, and forms.  While we often have a specific concept in mind when we start an image, each is a journey of discovery and unfolds as the image proceeds.  The results are complex works that exhibit the richness and subtlety of the human hand and mind.

Once an image is fully composed, we print the work at our studio, Carta StudioWorks.  Each image is offered in very limited editions.

See the blog for more information on our techniques.

Tilton + Oeler
Like adding voice and lyric to instrumental composition, our collaborative works sound distinct, but are familar.  By combining Paula’s focus on shape, contrast and movement with Dave’s ambient–inspired compositional synthesis, we produce Tilton + Oeler works that meld representational forms with an abstract painterly aesthetic.

Dave Tilton
My landscapes suggest memories and impressions unencumbered by form and detail and offer views on a world filled with suggestion, mood, and sumptuous beauty.  Recently I have explored the concept of adding voice and lyric to my compositions through two diverse paths — portrait and figurative works and collaborative works with my wife, Paula Oeler.

Paula Oeler
Shape, texture, color and movement (real or implied) capture my attention. I often focus on the contrasts created at intersections — especially those of land, water, and sky. My representational forms add a measure of realism to collaborative pieces I create with my husband, Dave Tilton.